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Here at JackpotCompare we take the time and effort to research and create bingo reviews for every bingo site we place on our site. This keeps our visitors fully up to date and fully informed, enabling them to make sound and educated decisions on which sites to visit, which promotions to follow and which games to play.

We hope that our reviews help out with this process but please feel free to contact us should you wish to submit any feedback.

Bingo reviews are the best way to wade through the countless online bingo sites that are available on the internet to find offers and games that best suit your requirements. Whether it’s different bingo rooms that you particularly like, bingo slots and side games that provide the greatest fun or the best bingo offers that seem to take your winning chances higher than ever, we all have different requisites to what we deem the most favourable for us.

A – Z of Online Bingo Reviews

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Traditional Bingo Versus Online Bingo

Online bingo has garnered huge popularity among modern-day socialites and youngsters. Traditionally, bingo games were played in licensed halls or clubs where players would purchase cards with imprinted numbers listed in random order. These numbers would then be called spontaneously, where the players who have the drawn up number in their calling card would progress on to marking it off. When a list of numbers has been ‘daubed’, pertaining to the bingo terminology, in a specific order, be it horizontally vertically or diagonally, the player will be branded the winning title, resulting in them earning the first prize, which would usually be real money. Online bingo, ideally, replicates the essence of the traditional elements of bingo, only differing in the considerable convenience that it provides by allowing bingo players to log in and play at any time and anywhere. Furthermore, modern-day players remain biased over this particular version of bingo due to how immersive the experience actually is, where bingo websites are currently adhering to emulate as well as improve the sense of sociability that was widely present in traditional bingo halls. What this suggests is that online bingo sites have worked extremely hard to develop different strategies that would attract more players on to their platforms, taking in considerations and recommendations of different customers and adapting their interfaces in accordance to mass demand while also retaining the primal essence of traditional bingo.

What to Look for in Bingo Reviews

Usually, most online bingo sites prioritise easy-to-navigate interfaces while also maintaining the idea of a fun, light-hearted and easy portrayal of this specific gambling game. The designs of each website complement the sense of playing on a lazy afternoon or with family, with most interfaces being developed to present a relaxing or cheery attitude. All of this ensures that the game is represented in a manner that wouldn’t suggest any sort of gambling to be going on, making it seem more child-like, homely and women-friendly than anything. Therefore, most bingo reviews typically consider specific values to favourably regard a bingo site. The interfacial design includes the textual, graphics and content constituents, which are used primarily to provoke the attention of new bingo users. Websites also emphasise on the vibe that most players would get, concentrating mostly on making their players feel a sense of belonging as well as building close relationships through customer service and bingo room moderators who can help and chat with the existing users. This also encourages users to stay partial to a specific site due to loyalty felt towards their services, playing exclusively on their sites which also results in more payments from them.

Other than interfacial features, players also look into the offers given out by different bingo sites, whereby benefit assessment is made to certify which site gives out the best offer, sign up bonus and promo code. Parallel to this, players would also search on the monetary benefits provided and their chance to win, as this validates them actually playing for a prize. The larger the monetary benefit and the better the offer and bonus funds, the more attractiveness the site gathers.

How Bingo Reviews Are Conducted

Research has actually hypothesised that players who are relatively new to the bingo world and lack the proper information to feel comfortable investing money and signing up for these games, usually move to the handy old tool – the Internet – for solace. Normally, the term ‘bingo’ would draw on a wide plethora of bingo websites, all of which are built differently and have separate functionalities in place. This can make it incredibly hard for any new player to start their adventure into this fun and exciting realm of games, ultimately leading to them giving up on the whole process completely.

Therefore, to ease out this hefty process of analysing different online bingo sites and determining which one stands to be the most user-friendly as well as an economic investment, UK administrators have developed a list of criteria and assessment objectives which helps rule out all the shabby bingo sites and decide on which sites are the best out there. This is a procedure that meticulously identifies any flaws or misinformation that is presented in any bingo site which could potentially harm its users. It helps scrutinise the entire system of gaming and certify that players are benefitted and provided what they were promised. It also sees to legal matters, ensuring that none of the gambling laws is mistreated and violated by these online gambling games.

The first step of conducting such a review is to peruse through all the website information presented in an online bingo site, looking over matters that concern both legality and customer confidence – investigating payment methods and looking over how secure such financial processes are. Any breach of privacy laws or concerns over players’ security will be an instant red flag, resulting in possible actions that could terminate the particular bingo site’s operation.

After this incredibly important part of the investigation and analysis is conducted to a satisfactory extent, the site is then assessed on its user accessibility. This involves various processes, particularly exploring all the places in a site which a user is permitted to access without registration. This investigation is later compared with the accessibility features for a registered player, performed by creating aliases and inputting false information for research purposes. Whichever site is more accessible to an unregistered player, is deemed to be better due to the lack of restriction and withholding of crucial information to the public. This also enables regular players who go through such sites to simply gather information, greater convenience as they do not have to put themselves through the lengthy affair of registering on that bingo site.

Furthermore, following a successful report of the previous step in the assessment, analysts and reviewers move on to looking at thematic features. This includes the interfacial design and outline of the entire website, integrating information pertaining to the relevancy and appeal of each design element to understand the site’s marketing strategy. The main aim of this research is to examine the pictures, texts and other content that is used by the bingo site to attract both new and existing players. It also looks into the benefits that these sites offer, from free spins, free bingo tickets and bingo bonuses to so much more.

The third part of the assessment is one which is most sought out by players. This is because it plays a direct role in the advertising and marketing approaches of specific bingo sites. Thus, even the smallest of details are taken notice of. Elements relating to how exciting and enthralling the total experience of playing might be is examined rigorously. Evaluators look at the designs of call-to-action buttons, which are the ones vividly presenting ‘Join now’, ‘Play now’ and ‘Win now’ in its boxes. We identify how persuasive the designs of such buttons are and whether it brings the feeling of excitement to new players. Online bingo sites which continuously mention the different prize money that can be won or provide testimonials from previous winners usually find themselves to secure a satisfying review on bingo review websites.

Moreover, some bingo sites are loved because of its inclusivity. It is historically known that bingo is a game played largely by women, which reduces down the pool of potential players to one specific category. However, modernisation has helped to make such exclusive platforms to identify and expand to more inclusive themes. While a lot of sites target women as their chief players, using designs that would appeal to this specific gender, such as pink and purple colours, the use of glittery and fancy images as well as different offers on certain beauty products and such, there are some sites who’ve gotten better reviews from not adhering to this exclusive identity. Therefore, inviting more male players or players living in other countries besides the US and the UK, can lead to more satisfaction and eventually, a better review of their services.

Anytime Bingo Reviews

Anytime Bingo is the place to be for the most enthralling bingo games, which includes the likes of traditional 75 ball, 90 ball and other free bingo games. Players can also win amazing prizes, with examples being Amazon vouchers and free spins given out on their Fluffy Favourites. The greatest bit about Anytime Bingo, you’ll love to hear is its abundance of promotional offers, especially its hefty welcome offer where players will receive a free spin in their Mega Wheel after making the first deposit. However, full t&c s apply and this offer can be availed by customers only. After having claimed their welcome bonus, players can play in 500 slots which includes Starburst, Fluffy Favourites, Rainbow Riches, Chilli Heat and Gonzo’s Quest.

Winner Bingo Reviews

Winner Bingo first operated as an online bingo site in June 2012, licensed by Virtue Fusion’s Playtech software. Its integral and well-liked features are its smooth gameplay and supportive as well as helpful chat hosts.

What is particularly fantastic about Winner Bingo is its plethora of games that are offered for any registered user to play. One of its unique features remains to be the bingo slot games which are designed and developed on the themes from different movies, examples being Iron Man, Fantastic Four and many more. Furthermore, they harbour a variety of bingo games as well, including the standard 90 ball bingo, which is a fan favourite among those in the UK. 75 ball bingo remains popular among the players in the US and is also available to be played on Winner Bingo.

On top of that, Winner Bingo maintains new ways to attract new players, as they are currently holding an amazing promotional offer by giving away free cash to new bingo players. The min deposit required is £10, which will result in a free bingo bonus money of £50 for 30 days. The initial £30 can only be used to play in specific bingo rooms, such as the Winner’s Win Rooms, or on different games, while the £20 can be used to spend on any bingo room available on Winner Bingo. However, while this bonus might seem incredibly exciting, there are certain terms and conditions required to actually use it. Players are required to complete the minimum wagering requirement and only the bonus wins are cashable, but not the bonus itself. This is also applicable for UK players only.

The Winner Bingo Casino works on improving its social environment, with the provision of live chat sessions inputted in chat rooms that are also moderated by incredibly friendly chat hosts, players are able to easily socialise with others which retains the feeling of sociability that was integral in the traditional old bingo days. Chat hosts are also allowed to give you tips and tricks to help you score your first bingo wins, making it the absolute best bingo site for a social and friendly environment that can also end up making you rich.

Conclusion For Bingo Reviews

‘Before you can actually experience the game, you need to find a site that implements all the necessary tools you are looking for because this will definitely have an impact on your overall ultimate gaming venture’, says the Reddit Review by Nicada Digital. And, they’re right! Bingo can only be fun when you have a complete idea of what to expect from it and which sites benefits you the most. This can only be done through research and the best news is, most of your research work is cut down by a large half due to bingo review sites. Thus, reading and understanding its information can help you play bingo in the most sensible manner, one which you can avail from is of course After this, you’re a few steps away from being an experienced player!

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