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All You Need to Know About Online Bingo Sites

Online Bingo sites – let’s start with a little insight into their development.

The emergence of the internet had been resultant of the extinction of previously saturated industries, where the more modernist equipment that the internet offers was the cause for the replacement of many former glories to adapt to their computerised versions. The need for alteration and accommodation to the changing tastes of the general consumer was the enforcing factor in which many traditional outlets of specific games had been dismantled completely. Such is the case for bingo games, something that was at its ultimate peak in the 20th century but with the upsurge of internet and computer use, it, like many others, had to step out of the way for a new successor to take its place. Thus, bingo halls came out to be known as bingo rooms and the social atmosphere that would spawn in traditional bingo halls had been replaced with the simple convenience of playing online bingo on a mobile device while lazing away at home.

There remains a certain nostalgia in reminiscing about the bingo halls that would swell up in street corners; the bright lights pestering one to come in and take up a gamble with their money, in hopes of profitable outcomes. But, regardless the splendour of partaking in playing the game of bingo in traditional bingo halls, online bingo has been nevertheless an amazingly convenient and accessible development, which honestly has brought the game to newer and better heights. The integration of applications or apps in a mobile device has led to bingo being popularised even more than it had been before, as the simplicity of playing online bingo games replacing over the physical necessity of visiting a bingo hall to play bingo has been embraced over, heartily. More than that, because of its low setup costs, the prizes from playing in an online bingo site is greater and even more luxurious, with many bingo players having won expensive cars or free trips to exotic places alongside their nominal earnings. But, to truly win the best prizes and take full advantage of this fun pastime, players first need to fully understand the dynamics of the game to continue.

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Which Online Bingo Site and Game to Pick

In online bingo sites, there remain variations of the traditional bingo, with some cleaving to the fundamentals of the former game and others sparking up newer routes of gaming from the previously developed ones. However, bingo games including 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and 35 ball bingo is still largely available on almost all bingo networks. There also remain bingo side games such as slot games, or casino games and even free games that can be played while in players only bingo room, specifically available in the Rainbow Riches Bingo Room. Different sites do have different interfaces and have slightly altered these games to make up their own unique twists to excite and interest players, but the rules of the traditional versions of these games still stick to the same fundaments. Jackpot Compare is one such site that compares the free, the best and the new bingo sites offered at for players to get clearer hindsight over which online bingo site to actually pick to play bingo.

How to Play

For beginners, online bingo sites offer the expedience of deposit bonus funds, where new players will need to adhere to the minimum deposit fee, but upon their 1st deposit will get a bonus rate applied. For example, online bingo sites typically have a minimum deposit of £10, which can be attached to a 200% welcome bonus rate. This would indicate that the player receives an additional £20 over their nominal deposit of £10, earning them a total of £30 deposit balance to play with.

However, players do need to read the terms and conditions placed in each online bingo site thoroughly so as to avoid any discrepancies, especially giving vital importance to the wagering requirements imposed on any given game. Wagering requirements usually take away a significant portion of any user’s deposit bonus funds, depending on the bingo bonus wagering placed. For players, wagering indicates that they will have to play through their existing bonuses and contingent on the terms and conditions, might even have to deposit a certain amount of times before being given the option to withdraw their earnings. For example, if an online bingo site has a 4x wagering requirement, players depositing the minimum deposit of £10 will have to play 4 times £10 before being able to withdraw, which leads to a deposit fee of £40. Thus, players need to make sure they earn more than the wagering requirement and are completely aware of the wagering requirements first-hand before joining in on a game – nothing hurts more than winning a game only to lose more money on it.

Fooyoh has another article which details out the ways with which one can easily score real money from playing online bingo games. They list out some key pointers, including beforehand knowledge of how bingo works and the available online bingo sites, along with other tips such as making sure to enter a bingo room with very little players as well as to take full advantage of bingo promotions and offers.

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Bingo Promotions and Offers

Many online bingo sites offer incredibly profitable and accessible welcome bonuses that can be easily taken advantage of. These include promotional offers or free spins and continue on with other offers that are even more exciting. For example, Loads a Bingo offers 50 free spins on their Fluffy Favourites with the initial purchase of bingo tickets valued at £50, with winnings capped at £5. Here, all winnings are also credited to a real money bankroll, and the offer stands to avail for UK players only.

Other online bingo sites such as 888 ladies offer daily or weekly promotions, where they currently have a bingo ‘freebie’ with £250 cash being given out every Sunday on their 90 ballgame for free. This means that there are no card prices attached to the offer and thus, players do not have to put in a minimum deposit towards playing a game to actually win from the promotional offer. However, it is to be noted that players are required to fulfil the 2x wagering requirement before withdrawing from their real money bankroll, for otherwise, the entirety of their cash money reward will be cancelled out and disappear from their bingo bonus funds.

Another form of a bingo offer is what is termed ‘free bingo’. This relates to players being given the option to play bingo for absolutely free for a limited period of time, indicating that as soon as a player registers, they can play free bingo with no deposit and no requirement to put in card details. This is the most suitable way to play for absolute amateurs in bingo for they get to learn how the game works and what to actually do, allowing them the convenience of trial and error to improve their expertise in the game so that they can get a headfirst when actually playing the game for real money.


For new players searching through the plethora of online bingo sites and stressing over which to choose and how to play, it should be taken very seriously that the first step to playing bingo is to not fret about it. Choosing a bingo site might be a seemingly difficult task but in actuality, it is far from easy. Players should choose a bingo site that catches their eye, and navigate through it while also meticulously reading through the welcome offers before signing up. Casino Switzerland has an article where they look at different online bingo sites, specifically targeting and detailing the ones from which players will receive greater gains. They look at all the different promotions, bonuses and free bingo available as well as paving the way for players to easily search up profitable bonus offers. From then on, to play bingo requires the simple signing up, entering the payment information and then just playing.

Players can also visit different forums, read through blogs and winner pages to find out more information for how to play bingo and score amazing prizes. Chat rooms are also available through most bingo sites and there are specific bingo lingos that players need to familiarise with before entering so as to be able to chat more efficiently with other players who can also provide valuable advice. There are live chat features and help pages at hand for any queries as well as questions for help, but once one gets accustomed to the interface of online bingo sites, it becomes a simple game with large to gain. Therefore, it is truly important to remember that bingo is a game for fun, and thus, after the initial navigation is done and dusted, you are only required to sign up and take part in the fantastic game that bingo is.

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