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A Guide to Playing Bingo Online

Playing Bingo; The inception of Bingo dates back to the year 1530, wherein the 18th century France, a game that circulated around the basics of the lottery had pieces of bingo’s ensemble used in its gaming routine. This included the use of playing cards, tokens and calling the numbers on randomly numbered cards to decide on the winner. With the transgression of time, these traditional lottery games gradually developed its core strategies and game fundamentals to accelerate the entertainment it carried. Soon enough, the game progressed on to the format in which it is largely played as to now, with the game of bingo grabbing public fame and favouritism throughout the 20th century. But, similar to the drastic changes that led bingo to turn into the game that was so largely popularised throughout the previous century, the 21st century emerged to remodel the game into a larger platform, and thus commenced the new sensation of online bingo.

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The Bingo Business

Historically, the game of bingo was notable among women, who would gather over to spend their time in a social atmosphere while also keeping themselves entertained. Today, this game is played typically in the enclosures of churches or traditional bingo halls, sometimes even being employed as a fun activity in charity organisations. The legalisation of bingo in over 48 states in the USA has followed through with the rising prevalence of the game itself, as casinos in certain states have integrated the game to cater to gamblers. However, due to legal restrictions and principles that have to be maintained, traditional outlets enabling the game of bingo to be performed are quite restrictive, meaning the times to play are limited as well as the jackpot prizes offered to winners. While there are other methods of playing bingo excluding bingo halls, such as telephone operations, the chances of winning become drastically reduced, while the dynamics of the game become harder to comprehend.

In retrospect, there has been a steady downfall in the popularity of traditional bingo, with bingo halls suffering from declines in participation and revenue. Even charity-led bingo playoffs have met with discontented results, and the crumbling of the bingo business has been attributed to the expansion of other entertainment sectors that have grown to adapt their businesses to the demands of market customers.

Here is when online bingo comes into the equation. The advent of computerisation has brought about the regeneration of the game of bingo, where bingo halls have transformed into bingo rooms. This has enabled bingo to be successfully in contention against other gaming platforms, wherein Ontario, there are eBingo centres which provide the option for users to play bingo online using their computers. Moreover, the emergence of electronic bingo has created a wider market as bingo becomes less constrictive, with the game interesting even the male gamers. Thus, online bingo has stirred up quite the commotion within the younger generation, for it harbouring the advantages that were restricted in traditional bingo playoffs. More information​ about this can be found here.

The Basics of Playing Bingo Online

To learn how to play online bingo online, there are numerous guides on the internet. But, it should be noted that bingo is one of the easiest games to play and navigate through in the variations of gambling games on the market. The rules are pretty straightforward where the first step of playing is to buy tickets or bingo cards. These cards hold randomly numbered squares imprinted, where the players mark off the numbers called. The main objective of the game is to mark off all the numbers in the scorecards before any other player.

There are several variations of the game of bingo, and the game that you enter depends on the number of numerals imprinted on your bingo card. These stamped numbers on your ticket correlate with the numbers called by a bingo caller. Historically, these were written on balls upon which the terms 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and 35 ball bingo commenced.

When entering a bingo room, the game starts only when the first number is stated. Players can win considerably large prizes, depending on the ranking of their winning position, where the ones with a full house, meaning that the entire ticket of the player has been crossed off, gets to earn the biggest prize. In electronic bingo, there is the option of an auto-daub, which is a convenient invention that enables players to automatically mark off the numbers in the scorecards without the anxiety over missing a number announcement ruining the entire game.

These numbers are to be crossed off until one player calls bingo after having filled out an entire line of numbers. The player wins amazing prizes depending on the number of sequential daubs in their playing cards, which ideally means that the nominal prizes would be awarded to that player who completes only one line, with the quantity as well as the quality of these prizes rising exponentially until a full house winner has been announced.

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The Types of Bingo

The game of bingo varies according to the number of numbers printed on a player’s ticket as well as the limitation over the number of numbers that will be called in a game. For example, 90 ball being comprises of 15 numbers printed on each 90 ball bingo ticket. Here, numbers from the category of 1-90 will be randomly called out, until a player can cover an entire horizontal line on their playing card. Players do tend to favourite two horizontal lines, which is termed as a 2-line win, but the eventual full house winner holds the greatest trophy.

Similarly, in 75 ball bingo, players follow the same fundamental rule of marking off numbers on their bingo cards, except the difference lies in 75 ball bingo tickets having five horizontal lines and five columns of numbers followed with the letters of BINGO blaring overhead on each column individually. Here, the column marked with the letter ‘B’ holds the five numbers ranging from the number list of 1-15, while the ‘I’ column has the numbers of 16-30 printed underneath. This follows until all the numbers in the playing card ranges within the category of 1-75. Unlike 95 ball, players win after having covered a complete horizontal, vertical or even diagonal line.

Players can also win real money from bingo bonuses. At Jackpot Compare you can check out all the new bingo sites and offers available. They also have detailed reviews for each of the recommended bingo sites alongside with the bonuses on offer, for example, the number of free spins they offer as a welcome bingo bonus to new players.

However, new bingo players are strictly advised to play safely whilst playing online games, especially games that adhere to gambling rules. This ensures that you do not compromise your security while having fun, and thus, is something that bingo players should meticulously read as well as strictly maintain. Furthermore, Legal Gambling and the Law is another website that lists a number of safe and legal online bingo sites which help new players out immensely for it gives them a safe and guided head start into the world of gaming, specifically the world of online bingo.

All About Electronic Bingo

While there are many variations of bingo, one notable form of bingo played is electronic bingo. Electronic bingo is mostly a mix between traditional slot machines and bingo slot machines, where this is a device that performs electronic and mechanical aid while participating in a game of bingo. These machines have gotten away with certain laws in the US as it does not conform to a gambling environment but instead functions as a network linking different players to a bingo environment where all the components of bingo are substituted for its electronic counterparts. Thus there remains the number drawing device which replaces the typical ball drawing service, while also integrating a ‘live’ cashier or handler to supervise and operate the gaming system.


With the development of the internet, it is no surprise that bingo hasn’t been spared from the change. In fact, because of its technological adaption, bingo has retained its popularity among the conventional crowd. While many are sceptical about the modernisation of such a traditional entertainment source, this same argument is met with justification over why bingo actually perseveres in its computerised version. Online bingo retains the same vibe of playing in a bingo hall or club due to integrated chat features while removing the tiring need to physically visit a bingo outlet. There also remain incredible upgrades to the game, where online bingo spares the need to book tickets ahead of time and on the internet, as users can simply log in and pay for a ticket, or a bingo card. Furthermore, the ability to automatically daub your bingo card has been a ground-breaking invention that has lead online bingo to prevail in its popularity.

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