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Sun Bingo Numbers – August 2019

Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019 @ 2:30 pm

Sun Bingo Numbers For Today

If you don’t have a Sun Newspaper to hand and you are looking for today’s Sun Bingo numbers –  don’t panic we’ve got it covered.  Here is our live Facebook post direct from the Sun Bingo themselves (you’re welcome!)  This post contains the latest numbers and is updated daily so you can stay in the loop.

So don’t worry if you are unable to get a copy of the Sun Newspaper today.  The Sun publishes their winning numbers on social media which means we can share it with you here using the wonders of technology. The Sun Bingo Numbers Facebook page posts the winning numbers for this week. It is updated daily, including weekdays and on a Saturday and Sunday so you’ll never miss out.

Sun Bingo Logo
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18+ only. UK & ROI residents only. New customers only. Players must deposit and spend £10 cash on bingo. Wagering & T&C apply.

All You Need to Know About Sun Bingo and Sun Bingo Numbers

The market for online bingo is highly oversaturated, meaning that there is a vast number of both players and networkers filling the industry to a brim. For many, it’s the convenience that takes the cake where online bingo has removed the need to physically visit a bingo hall in order to participate in this game of fortune. For others, it’s the innovative content, with thousands of marketers joining in and developing their programs to both suit the needs of users as well as producing stunning visuals and whatnot to stand ahead of competitors. Of the colossal size of the market, Sun Bingo is one network which has stood out for a large variety of reasons, but chiefly because of its user-friendly interface and incredibly generous bingo bonuses as well as the Sun news group newspapers which has advertised this specific bingo network and earned its large traffic for a decade now.

Terms and Conditions for playing

The rules to playing Sun Bingo resonate with the traditional rules of bingo itself, and for experienced players, Sun Bingo holds all the perks as in regular bingo, except with the magnanimity of its rewards and bonus schemes that separate online bingo as the more profitable way to gamble than any other forms of gambling. For players interested in joining in Sun Bingo’s charitable bonus offers and such, the rules are as follows with players requiring to deposit and spend £10 cash on bingo as the minimum deposit fee is £10. The £30 bonus includes £10 Side Games bonus which must be wagered at least x30 before withdrawing and the £20 bingo bonus which must be wagered x3 before withdrawal. Furthermore, Side Games Bonuses can only be spent in the Side Games section of the Slots Page or the Top Slots section in the bingo lobby. It should be noted, however, that the bonus expires 7 days after the official receipt if it is not used completely. Full T&Cs apply. Additionally, to follow the bingo legislation authorised by, please play responsibly, which indicates that players should be wary of the time as well as financial limits before putting forth money in a game, as well as only take part in gambling with money that is expendable, which connotes to money that players can lose without being in financial mortgage.

What are Sun Bingo Numbers and How to Use Them

If you’ve ever opened a Sun Newspaper, you’d see sections titled in bold letters written with ‘Sun Bingo Numbers for Today’, followed by a list of today’s bingo numbers. This is a promotional piece for this specific bingo itself, where the UK-based newspaper runs an index of Sun’s daily bingo numbers. The Scottish edition of the newspaper has a more advantageous column, where readers will easily be able to find Sun Newspaper’s daily bingo numbers for this week. This includes Sun Bingo numbers for the day, as well as the sun newspaper bingo numbers for other days of the week, such as sun bingo numbers for Saturday, Sunday or Monday. While the versions of the newspapers differ from the Scottish one to the English one, the sun’s bumper bingo numbers are still the same ones as printed on the Sun newspaper bingo cards. For more information on today’s sun bingo numbers or sun bingo numbers for this week or even voucher codes, it is recommended that a reader contact the newspaper itself with their phone number.

For those who do not live in the UK or prefer more social routes of communication and shared knowledge, Sun Bingo also has their own Facebook and Twitter accounts with continuous posting of Sun bingo numbers for the day, which makes it more convenient for users as they can also trace back to previous Sun bingo numbers from former posts.

How to Earn Sun Bingo Bonuses

Sun Bingo holds a liberal amount of bonus schemes for its players, with exciting welcome bonuses as well as the chances to secure more than monetary rewards, with many players even getting their hands on gifts such as movie tickets or more extravagant ones such as luxurious cars, as detailed in The Sun.

For the Welcome Bonus, Sun Bingo offers players £40 as a starting money to get their dices rolling if they deposit the minimum amount of £10. This initial deposit ensues in a £20 Bingo Bonus that is available in any bingo room and £10 Side Games Bonus. In addition to the free bonuses, players can also take advantage of four hours of free bingo in the first week of signing up. To avail the offer, players simply need to sign up and make a deposit where the welcome bonus will be automatically credited to their account. The £20 Bingo Bonus and £10 Side Games bonus can then be found in the Bonus Balance section of the user’s account once the deposit amount is certified.

While other offers include free spins and prize draws on specific days as well as the Sun free bingo, players do need to keep an eye on the Sun newspaper bingo and the Sun bingo bumper numbers to earn even more exorbitant prizes, where The Sun Bingo put up an article detailing the process of winning a shared prize of £10,000 every day in the year 2018, where players were required to spend about £10 cash on bingo, slots or games as every £10 spent will earn them an extra prize draw entry. There was a fixed period of time for players to avail this offer and thus, it is absolutely essential for players to be wary of the Sun Bingo newspaper’s updates on their Sun Bingo Numbers and articles for any new and upcoming promotional offers such as this.

The Basics of Bingo

For those who have just stumbled upon this glorious game, bingo can seem slightly confusing if one isn’t completely aware of the rules and the how-tos of the game. However, there is no need for​ fretting as bingo is a remarkably easy game for amateur gamblers and will yield amazing prizes even for those who have no beforehand experience in the game.

The procedure to hack at bingo is quite simple, as new players have to merely log in to their account and deposit money to buy a Sun Bingo card. The Sun newspaper is handy in the manner that they even provide free sun bingo cards in their newspapers and these scorecards are considered the tickets to enter and play the game. Once the Sun bingo card is purchased, players can enter a bingo room with other players, be it random strangers or their friends and family in the multiplayer option. The scorecard that they’ve bought will then appear on the screen, but invisible from other players.

When the initial process of setting up is done, players are then put into the actual game, wherein their chief objective is to cross off all existing squares of numbers or patterns in their bingo scorecard before any other player. The winning bit is easy from here, and each pattern of crossing out has its own specific name, where Full House denotes to every square on the card being crossed out; 2 lines refer to two rows of the card being marked out completely, whether horizontally, vertically or even diagonally; 1 line signifies that one single row of squares have been blocked out in the ticket; and Pattern indicates that a predetermined pattern of squares has been ticked off on the player’s scorecard.

In Sun Bingo, the number that the handler calls is always written on the top left-hand corner of the screen in the bingo room, and therefore players can always go back and revise whether they have ticked off all the numbers being called. This option to check all the numbers previously called can be found when the mouse hovers over the right arrow underneath the large bingo ball in the bingo room. Once all the squares in a scorecard are ticked off, players have the chance to call ‘Bingo’ and win their respective prizes.

With its mounting popularity, it is inevitable that the game of online bingo trespasses certain changes that will automate and innovate the game even more than it already has. While more exciting offers will set about and circulate in the existing games of online bingo, networks will gradually brandish novel methods of playing the game and with that, the interface of online bingo and the fundamentals of orthodox bingo will possibly change completely. Despite this, regardless how much online bingo has yet to unravel in the technological sector, there is still a sentimentality in checking the bingo numbers in Sun newspaper and getting excited over Sun bumper bingo results that will persist for a long while.

Why not try your luck online at Sun Bingo  – there are plenty of great games to play and loads of chances to WIN.

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